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This page honors all United States rescue workers (that have come to my attention) who have died in the line of duty since January 1, 2019.

May all these rescue workers and all other rescue workers who have died in the line of duty or in retirement rest in peace.

The following is a poem which I found in my research for the 2004 page that I thought fit with the theme of these pages perfectly. It was written by Greg Gray of the Raccoon Township Volunteer Fire Department in Aliquippa, PA (used with his generous permission) to honor his fallen comrade, Firefighter David Vinisky, who was lost August 25, 2004:
With A Heavy Heart I Witness

We lost a part of our world.
A man has been killed.
A brother has fallen.
A good friend is no longer here to help.
For days, we try to prepare to say goodbye.
We have many friends. They are all very wonderful.
They have help in many ways that no one on the outside even thought about-
Food & soft drinks seem to appear out of nowhere-companies from outside are
Here to cover our area while we are out of service.
All those who have come to help are our Brothers-we are not related by blood-\
We are not of the same religion or skin color.
We are auto mechanics and computer engineers. Electricians, plumbers, school
Teachers & CPA's, truck driver & CEO, standing side by side in our tragic
The day is long and hot, it starts before the sun is up.
The truck is draped, the hall prepared, we can do this, we must.
The service is carried like a litter. All hands on. No one here will let it drop
If we should stumble, and stumble we do.
We are in pain, and we grieve.
We go on.
Now, the service is over.
Back the truck in & have another coffee it's been a long hard day.
Look forward to some rest & see the kids for a time………
Men & women, that an hour ago, were too choked with grief to speak, Jump
Out of patent leather & dress uniform into bunker gear & boots.
There are no reporters here now.
No camera crew.
It's just another fire call out of hundreds that no one will hear about.
They don't care if they get their picture on TV or get to read their name in the papers.
The truck that moments ago sat quiet & blacked- burst into red & wails off into the rain & wind. Someone needs help!!!!!!!!
They care about me, they care about you, they care about "our" homes & they go.
My heart is heavy, but it is lifted high by what I witness here.
Thank you God for the fire fighters!
Thank you firemen!

Rank and Name Age
Date of Incident
Date of Death
Department City State
EMT Brittany Young 23 08/10/19 08/10/19 Jan-Care Ambulance Shady Spring WV
EMT Douglas Ronald Dick II 35 08/10/19 08/10/19 Jan-Care Ambulance Shady Spring WV
Fire Chief/Public Safety Director James E. Sommers 40 08/06/19 08/06/19 Suwannee Fire Rescue Live Oak FL
Firefighter Yaroslav Katkov (from Escondido) 29 07/29/19 07/29/19 CAL FIRE-California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection Sacramento CA
Firefighter Jeff Stroble 46 07/21/19 06/05/19 City of Roswell Fire Department Roswell NM
Lieutenant John R. Kennedy 46 07/20/19 07/20/19 Worcester Fire Department Rescue 1 Group 2 Worcester MA
Lieutenant LeRoi Rodriguez 56 07/16/19 07/16/19 Boston Fire-Ladder 25 Boston MA
Lieutenant Neil B. Cope 46 07/16/19 07/16/19 North Belle Vernon Volunteer Fire Department Belle Vernon PA
Fire Chief William "Casey" White 70 07/02/19 07/02/19 Sun Country Volunteer Fire Department Artesia NM
Nurse Deb Schott (from Biscay, MN) 58 06/29/19 06/29/19 North Memorial Health Robbinsdale MN
Pilot Tim McDonald (from Danbury, WI) 44 06/29/19 06/29/19 North Memorial Health Robbinsdale MN
Firefighter Michael Powers 70 06/25/19 06/25/19 Libertytown Volunteer Fire Department Libertytown MD
Firefighter/EMT Coleman Blease “Coley” Loadholt Jr. 51 06/17/19 06/21/19 Jasper County Fire-Rescue Jasper County SC
Firefighter/Paramedic Jared Wayne Echols 35 06/17/19 06/17/19 Springville Fire & Rescue Springville AL
Acting Captain Todd Lanthrip 53 06/12/19 06/13/19 Mathiston Volunteer Fire Department Mathiston MS
Firefighter/Paramedic Christopher Moore 42 06/07/19 06/08/19 Maryland Heights Fire Protection District Maryland Heights MO
Captain Keven Teague 46 unknown 05/24/19 Fort Worth Fire Department Fort Worth TX
Wildlife Biologist/Wildland Firefighter Angela "Nicole" Chadwick-Hawkins 45 05/23/19 05/23/19 US Army, Environmental Division/Wildland Fire Program, Fort Jackson Columbia SC
Senior Firefighter/Driver Engineer Charles Alan Ruffing 53 05/21/19 05/21/19 Boise Fire Department Station 6 Boise ID
Firefighter Mitch Lundgaard 36 05/15/19 05/15/19 Appleton Fire Department Appleton WI
Firefighter William N. Franck 81 05/12/19 05/12/19 Willow Street Fire Company Willow Street PA
Crew Chief & Training Lieutenant Barry Lee Boulton, Sr. 67 05/07/19 05/07/19 Plantation Fire Department Plantation FL
Firefighter Kody Vanfossan 24 05/05/19 05/05/19 Christopher Fire Department Christopher IL
Firefighter/EMT Brad Gregrich 30 04/15/19 04/27/19 DeSoto County Fire Rescue DeSoto County FL
Driver/Engineer Michael Watkins 75 04/21/19 04/24/19 Northeast Lakeside Fire Department Mountain Home AR
Firefighter Dwain Hudson 73 04/17/19 04/17/19 Argyle Fire Department Custer SD
Firefighter John “Jack” Leming 78 04/15/19 04/15/19 Cape May Point Volunteer Fire Company #1 Cape May Point NJ
Firefighter Juan Carlos Ruiz 37 04/04/19 04/04/19 Ballinger Volunteer Fire Department Ballinger TX
Firefighter Brock Currens 17 03/31/19 03/31/19 Four Oaks Volunteer Fire Department Johnson County NC
Firefighter/Paramedic James "Woody" Woodman 55 10/05/99 03/29/19 West Haven Fire Department West Haven CT
Helitack Captain Daniel J. Laird 41 03/27/19 03/27/19 US Forest Service-Tahoe National Forest Nevada City NV
Firefighter Michael Bernstein 46 03/20/19 03/20/19 Philadelphia Fire Department Philadelphia PA
Captain Jacob "Jake" Ringering 37 03/05/19 03/05/19 Godfrey Fire Protection District Godfrey IL
Captain Joel Barnes 32 03/01/19 03/01/19 Berwick Fire Department Berwick ME
Firefighter Thomas Nye 72 02/26/19 02/27/19 Marion Fire Department Marion MA
Firefighter Brenden Pierce 21 02/20/19 02/20/19 Palmerdale Fire District - Station 3 Palmerdale AL
Firefighter Jason Baker 45 10/??/16 02/20/19 Great Falls Fire Rescue Great Falls MT
Fire Chief Jason Bryd 42 02/18/19 02/18/19 Fayettte County Fire Department Fayette County TN
Team Member Jeff Dye 50 02/02/19 02/02/19 Fillmore Mountain Search and Rescue Team Ventura County CA
Pilot Jennifer L. Topper (Sunbury) 34 01/29/19 01/29/19 Survival Flight Inc. Columbus OH
Flight Nurse Bradley J. Haynes (London) 48 01/29/19 01/29/19 Survival Flight Inc. Columbus OH
Flight Nurse Rachel L. Cunningham (Far West Side) 33 01/29/19 01/29/19 Survival Flight Inc. Columbus OH
Battalion Chief Matt Kicklighter 45 01/24/19 01/24/19 Effingham County Fire Department Springfield GA
Firefighter Rick Telles 50 unknown 01/17/19 Phoenix Fire Department Phoenix AZ
Firefighter Steven Pollard 30 01/06/19 01/06/19 FDNY-Ladder 170 (Canarsie) New York NY
Lieutenant Eric Hosette 33 01/05/19 01/05/19 Clinton Fire Department Clinton IA

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If you know of a rescue worker who has died in the line of duty that you would like to see me list here, please e-mail me at frrykid@yahoo.com with verifying information so that I don't honor someone too soon.

All Line of Duty Death information verified from firehouse.com and from links on that site and the Montana Fire Services Training School (based in Great Falls) daily newsletter. I use the USFA FireFighters Memorial Database to complete listings. In some cases, ask.com and facebook.com provide additional missing information. In some cases, my listings may differ from the USFA listings due to reporting delays and other crtieria.

Any errors that may creep into a new entry (such as a wrong department name, wrong spelling of a name, etc. will be corrected as soon as I can after I am made aware of such an error and have the correct information. Thank you for your understanding.

The background music is "Amazing Grace" by Isaac Watts & John Newton played on the bagpipes.
This version was sequenced by Barry Taylor. The file comes from godsgospel.com.
I wish to thank them very much for allowing me to use this very appropriate piece of music.

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